the new  2016 Chevy camaro has new options; starting with a new base model twin-turbo four cylinder that puts out 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feed of torque. A new 3.6-liter six cylinder slots in the mid-range Camaro, now producing 335 hp and 284 torques. Both can be married to a six-speed manual gearbox or a new eight-speed paddle shift transmission.
The real star of the show is the V8 packed into the Camaro SS range topper. Replacing the old mill is the 6.2-liter V8 that’s housed in the new Corvette Stingray, which now gives the Camaro a 455-hp output and just as much torque. New technologies like variable valve timing and direct injection help keep the powerhouse as fuel efficient as possible
A peek inside the cabin reveals a newly designed interior that changes just about everything. New seats and a new center console ergonomically designed for better manual shifting tie in with the new flat bottom steering wheel, demonstrating a performance-driving optimization. The big way Chevy accomplished this was swapping the old manual handbrake for an electronic one. This allowed them to move the cup holder and improve the shifting range of motion.                                                           The old instrument cluster is replaced with a new one that blends analog gauges with an 8.0-inch high-def center screen that can be customized to show lots of different information like performance data and navigation. This is complemented by another eight-inch infotainment display on the dashboard.  


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